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What is a holistic therapist?

It is not just a buzz word it means we do not view the body, mind, emotions and spirit as separate entities. Each of these entities is interdependent with the others and what affects one, affects the others. 

In kinesiology sessions I use a MCPE approach, this means when I find an imbalance I am checking is the imbalance … 

M - mental related - due to a stress that is impacting the client 

C - chemical - this can be an exact nutrient that is lacking in the persons diet that this muscle needs, maybe it’s a neurotransmitter, or a heavy metal that is interfering with the biological function. A food group may also be turning off a muscle system as the body is finding it too stressful to breakdown. 

P - physical - something physical/ structurally going on that’s leading to a muscle weakness. This could be weak jaw muscles turning off performis muscles which is leading to instability in someone’s hip/knee. Or a cranial bone tension leading PSOAS muscle weakness.

E - emotional - we all recognise “butterflies”excitement affects on our stomachs but so does sympathy. Fear impacts the kidney/bladder and we see this represented even in movies with a child/someone having an urinary accident when there is a bad guy. other emotions such as grief impacts our lungs / large intestine. Anger or more so the unhealthy expression of anger (Aka being a good boy or girl) plays a role in liver / gallbladder imbalances and Joy or lack of Joy affects our small intestines and heart meridians. 

I also check in on the Electrical body -  meridians , chakras and aura.  

Meridians are pathways in which energy travel within our tissues that run on each side of the body–there are 12 major meridians. 

Chakras are spinning energy centers that receive and express subtle energy and emotions. In the Hindu system, there are seven main chakras.

Aura is a multilayered light that surrounds all beings, which is the individual’s vibrational field expressing itself. The chakras open up into each layer of the aura outside the body. The aura can be photographed if you need to see to believe it 

A metaphor - Not considering the electrical body in symptoms is like only considering only the physical car ( the engine, windows, doors and the metal panels) and completely ignoring the electrical side of the car like the battery / imobiliser / central locking systems / lights of the car - we all know when our car battery is dead the car won’t move! 

This is a whole person (holistic) approach to find out what is causing the imbalances NOT only treating the symptoms of the imbalance. 

Viewing health from this perspective has been so powerful for my own families and my own health - hence my career change from my scientific based education (degree and masters) and 12year career in pharmaceuticals. I feel everyone should know this holistic view of taking care of our body 

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